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    Ms S. SangeethaPriya BS AFD (2007 – 2010)


    MFT provides full assistance for placing the students after the due completion of courses. ...


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    Ms. ThamaraiSelvi BS AFD (2008 – 2011)


    I am in the alumni of 2011; I got placed in EXIM Industries. During the campus interview h ...


Modernized Laboratory Facility


  • MFT has got excellent laboratory infrastructure. It is fully equipped with the most modern structure cabling using AT&T CAT-5 cables, synoptic 10 Base T Hubs and computers with the highest configuration.
  • Students will use the latest CAD systems such as Rich Peace, Gerber software for 3D textiles and fashion designing, on screen pattern designing, garment grading and marker used extensively in the fashion and garment industry.
  • MFT is also proud to inform that its IT lab is also uploaded with all the software which support the training for MCA, M.Sc (IT), M.Sc Computer Science and University training is also given for them by experienced faculty.

Pattern Making and Grading Lab

  • In this lab, students learn to create patterns for different kinds of garments that are commonly used. It provides the students with hands-on experience while nurturing their creativity for fashion designing. Beautiful mannequins and dress forms provide physical form and shape to the creations.

Garment Construction Lab

  • The garment construction skills of the student are developed and honed to industry standards in this lab. The lab is equipped with the world‘s best brand of industry-grade stitching and special machinery. The student is allotted extensive machine hours so that she/he develops confidence and expertise in operating the machines.

Mini Project and Design Collection Studio

  • This lab is primarily designed to bring out the creative talents in the students and provide them with professional guidance to develop them. It deals with the effective use of color, form and material to match the latest trends in fashion. It also includes an exploration of the diverse and colorful costumes of India and other nations, and the application of add-ons to enhance appearance and design.