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B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion

India, which is the epicenter of textiles and handicraft industries has now become a center of innovation in garment and fashion design. Today Indian fashion designers are known for their simple yet stylish apparel designs and are appreciated internationally. As one of the major players in the global costume design market and with the widespread adoption of fashion trends among the Indian people, the need for professionals in the field of fashion is increasing tremendously in India. If your passion lies in fashion; you have a unique way of looking at the world; you dream about having your own fashion design brand label; B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion is the perfect choice for you.

Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT) offers B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion course, that focuses on nurturing the creativity of the students and help them bring in more innovations to the design industry. The latest teaching methods and styles are adapted to help students gain first-hand knowledge of the workings of the fashion industry and prepping them to achieve great success in this field.

Costume Design & Fashion as a Career

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” – Miuccia Prada

The fashion industry has become a billion-dollar industry. Especially in India, where the fashion industry is skyrocketing with several leading brands investing heavily and making influence at a global level, costume design and fashion job has become a promising career. It is a highly competitive, glamorous, and ever-changing industry that requires not just passion, but technical knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges. This has created an increased demand for costume design and fashion courses among the younger generation.

MFT’s B.Sc. Costume Design & Fashion is not just an exciting course, but an extremely lucrative course that can land you in your dream career. Our course will help you have a thorough understanding of each of the areas within the clothing and fashion industry. If you are eager to make a career in fashion designing and become a successful designer, MFT’s Costume Design & Fashion course is your ideal choice.

B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion Curriculum

MFT’s costume design & fashion curriculum is designed to ignite the creative skills and aptitude of the students and make them world-class costume designers. The costume design & fashion syllabus is created to equip the students with the practical and professional know-how of costume and fashion designing.

The curriculum includes topics like Fashion designing and sewing technology, Principles of pattern making and grading, textile wet processing, fashion and apparel marketing, etc. As part of our curriculum, we take our students for Industrial visits to Garment Units, Garment Fairs, Workshops, Fashion Shows, etc for easy understanding of the concepts.

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1Language – I40 / 100
2Language – I (English)40 / 100
3Fashion Designing & Sewing Technology40 / 100
4Principles of Pattern Making and Grading40 / 100
5Fundamentals and Children’s Apparel (Practical)40 / 100

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1Fiber to Fabric40 / 100
2Fashion and Clothing Psychology40 / 100
3Organization of Garment Unit40 / 100
4Women’s Apparel (Practical)40 / 100
5Fiber to Fabric (Practical)40 / 100

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1Textile Wet Processing40 / 100
2Fashion and Apparel Marketing40 / 100
3Apparel Quality and Management40 / 100
4Textile Wet Processing (Practical)40 / 100
5Computer Aided Design (Practical)40 / 100

Costume Design & Fashion Course Details

MFT’s B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion course is created to enrich the creativity of the students in apparel and design. The course commences with a basic language and foundation program in design and gradually increases in complexity as the program advances. The course blends historical and global perspectives to make students become design innovators.

At the end of this course, students will be confident enough to carve a niche as an Entrepreneur by having their boutique or work as a designer with leading Brands and Companies in the Fashion industry.

Course Duration

B.Sc. Costume Design & Fashion is an undergraduate course in fashion designing. The course duration is 3 years and divided into 6 semesters.

Course Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue B.Sc. Costume Design & Fashion course at MFT is a pass in 10+2 or equivalent examination in any discipline conducted by the Government of TamilNadu.

Lateral Entry

A pass in SSLC + 3yrs Diploma in a related subject will be admitted directly in 2nd year of B.Sc. Costume design & fashion.

Getting admission for B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion at MFT opens many career opportunities after you complete the course.

For more details on admission and course fees, click here.

Costume Design & Fashion Course FAQs

  • How is the B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion course beneficial?

    Fashion designing is an art as well as science. If you are a fashion enthusiast who aspires to work in the fashion industry and become a successful fashion designer, then you need to gain thorough knowledge about the basics of this industry. Pursuing a B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion course will help you understand the working of the fashion industry, get exposure to fashion technologies, and offer opportunities for career growth.

  • What are the employment areas for B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion?

    The scope of costume design and fashion is not limited to designing clothes and garments. Since the fashion industry is an ever-growing industry, there is a wide scope in various fields like jewelry, footwear, accessories, etc. The most common employment areas for people who have completed costume and fashion design courses are fashion designing, manufacturing of clothes, and textiles designing. You can also start your own fashion boutique and design clothes under your brand name.

  • What is costume design & fashion?

    Costume design and fashion design have little in common other than the fact that they both involve the creation of apparel. Costume and Fashion have different goals. Costume refers to designing apparel for a character. Fashion refers to designing apparel to flatten, please, and sell. Fashion designers design apparel for selling to the general public, while costume designers design captivating apparel for actors and actresses to wear in plays, TV shows, and movies.

  • What are the different B.Sc Costume Design & Fashion job types?

    Students who have completed B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion course can seek work in several areas of the Apparel and Fashion Industry. A few of the career options and job prospects after completing this course are Costume designers, Fashion designers, Stylists, Fabric buyers, Fashion Blogger, Fashion model, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion consultant, Fashion journalist, Fashion show organizer, Retail manager, and Entrepreneur.

  • B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion: What is it about?

    B.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion is an undergraduate 3-year course. It is a distinct blend of science and art of apparel studies and design. It offers both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of fashion design, fashion technology, and fashion management. Students are provided hands-on training right from generating ideas to researching to designing to the final production of apparel. The course is aimed at enriching the creative skills of the students and make them world-class designers.