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B.Sc Fashion Design

Learning fashion designing can lead to an exciting and lucrative career, however choosing the right path can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! The booming fashion and textile industry provides a wide scope for fashion design students and Chennai offers a lot of options for you to pursue your dream of fashion designing. If you are looking to join a Fashion Designing course in Chennai, Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT) is one of the leading institutes in Chennai that offers a B.Sc Fashion Design course.

MFT’s B. Sc Fashion Design Program has been designed to celebrate each student’s creativity, and skills. MFT strives hard to groom them into conscious fashion designers with a thorough understanding of the design processes. Comprehensive teaching tactics and methodologies are used to impart knowledge and build world class fashion deisgn skills.

Fashion Designing as a Career

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” – Bill Cunningham

The Indian Fashion industry is all set for vigorous growth, buoyed by the huge young population, strong domestic consumption, and increasing export demand. Fashion design has evolved from being a whimsical phenomenon to a global industry where fashion designers create customer preferences. Due to its vast scope, potential, cut-throat competition, and being regarded as one of the best paying industries, fashion design career has become a popular choice among youngsters.

Moreover, a fashion design job is fast-paced, exciting, and full of creativity and glamour, which attracts a lot of people. So, if you are a person with a penchant for the creative field and a desire to explore your artistic and technical skills, B.Sc Fashion Design from MFT is your ideal choice.

B.Sc. Fashion Design Curriculum

The B.Sc fashion designing curriculum at MFT has been developed by a team of practicing professionals and the advisory board comprising of industry leaders. The curriculum includes a series of design foundation courses, and language courses along with some introductory environmental studies courses focusing on the natural environment. Our fashion designing syllabus is comprehensive in all aspects of design, fashion, art history, business, and technology. This helps students get prepared for a range of career paths in fashion designing.

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1French I25 / 75 / 100
2English I25 / 75 / 100
3Introduction to Textiles25 / 75 / 100
4Fashion Art & Design25 / 75 / 100
5Basic Pattern Making – Practical25 / 75 / 100
6Basic Computer – Practical25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1French II25 / 75 / 100
2English II25 / 75 / 100
3Textile Manufacturing25 / 75 / 100
4Environmental Studies25 / 75 / 100
5Fashion Illustration – Practical25 / 75 / 100
6Textile Designing – Practical25 / 75 / 100
7Designer CAD – Practical25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Communication Skills25 / 75 / 100
2History of Indian Costumes25 / 75 / 100
3Garment Manufacturing Technology25 / 75 / 100
4Fashion Apparel Design – Practical25 / 75 / 100
5Pattern Making & Construction I – Practical25 / 75 / 100
6Fashion Sketching & Accessory Design – Practical25 / 75 / 100
7Industrial Internship25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Employability Skills25 / 75 / 100
2Historic Costumes25 / 75 / 100
3Textile Chemical Processing25 / 75 / 100
4Value Education25 / 75 / 100
5Fashion research & Surface Ornamentation – Practical25 / 75 / 100
6Pattern Making & Construction II – Practical25 / 75 / 100
7Textile Chemical Processing – Practical25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Apparel Costing Technique25 / 75 / 100
2Human Resource Management25 / 75 / 100
3Theatre Costumes25 / 75 / 100
4Draping for Fashion Design – Practical25 / 75 / 100
5Pattern CAD – Practical25 / 75 / 100
6Industrial Internship25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Fashion Marketing & Merchandising25 / 75 / 100
2Fashion & Clothing Psychology25 / 75 / 100
3Industrial Pattern Making & Construction – Practical25 / 75 / 100
4Designer Portfolio25 / 75 / 100
5Designer Collection25 / 75 / 100

Fashion Design Course Details

Our fashion design course is a blend of fashion, culture, and technology. The course content includes theoretical as well as practical design aspects. Students have access to state-of-the-art studios and innovative technology and practical labs to help them have a clear understanding. Emphasis is placed on developing industry-ready skills like critical thinking, creativity, decision making, communication skills, and more.

Course Duration

B.Sc Fashion Design is an undergraduate course in fashion designing. The course duration is 3 years and divided into 6 semesters.

Course Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue B.Sc. Fashion Design course at MFT is a pass in 10+2 or equivalent examination in any discipline conducted by the Government of TamilNadu / a pass in 10+3 year polytechnic diploma from a Government recognized institute.

Lateral Entry

A pass in SSLC + 3yrs Diploma in a related subject of B.Sc will be admitted directly in 2nd year of B.Sc Fashion Design program.

Getting admission for B.Sc Fashion Design at MFT opens up more career opportunities for you once you complete the course.

For more details on admission and course fees, click here.

* Bank loan can be availed

Fashion Design Course FAQs

  • What do Fashion Designers do?

    Fashion designers study the ever-changing fashion trends and sketch designs for clothing or accessory. They select the fabrics and specify the measurements of their design. They oversee all the production aspects of their designs. Fashion designers work at different levels in the fashion industry. Some designers are employed by manufacturing firms, while some designers work as freelance designers and have their own boutique.

  • How can I become a fashion designer?

    To become a fashion designer, you will usually need a relevant education qualification, such as a bachelor's degree in fashion design. Such a course will teach you both design and technical skills and will give you the practical knowledge that you need to work in the industry. These programs will also help you build a portfolio for future career opportunities.

  • Where can I study fashion designing?

    Before choosing an institute to do your fashion design course, do your research. Talk to different course providers. Read reviews about the institute. Check carefully what areas are covered over the length of the course and understand if the fashion institute is well connected with the industry. Know what kind of career opportunities you can expect from them. The more reputed the institute you choose, the more career opportunities you can get.

    If you're looking for a fashion design course in Chennai, Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT) is a synonym for fashion design studies in Chennai. MFT has been offering Fashion design degree since 2000 in Chennai.

  • What are the prerequisites to study fashion designing?

    The minimum and basic eligibility criteria to study fashion Designing are 10+2 in any discipline for bachelor degree courses. However, some institutes expect students with at least 50% marks.

  • Is fashion designing a good career?

    If you have a passion for fashion, then fashion designing should be your career. It is the most lucrative, fascinating, and exciting career option for creative minds. Considered as a glamorous field, it is one of the best paying industries. Along with high-pay, it also promises fame and success for the most talented people. Due to all these reasons, it has become a highly-competitive career these days.