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B.Sc Interior Design

If you find yourself interested in contrived surroundings wherever you go, or you have been praised for your creativity and artistic vision, then you shouldn’t hesitate about opting for a career in Interior Designing. Come join the B.Sc Interior Designing course offered by Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT), one of the reputed creative educational institutes.

The truly cosmopolitan setting of Chennai has increased the demand for different types of interior designing and MFT helps you take advantage of the demand with an integrated learning experience. MFT’s B.Sc Interior Design course is designed for students with a passion to learn the finer aspects of interior design and development. Our 3-year intricate Interior Design course makes every student an expert who can come up with new ideas by gaining in-depth knowledge about various aspects of interior design.

Interior Designing as a Career

“Design is about making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically, or emotionally” – Robin Siegerman

By 2030, India is expected to become the third biggest construction market in the world. As the construction industry is growing by leaps and bounds, there is infinite scope for interior design. With increasing demand and varied preferences of people, the future is looking bright for interior designers. By opting for an interior design course you can land in a great interior design job once you complete the course. An interior design career can satisfy your artistic mind as well as monetary needs.

An interior design course at MFT will help you develop your creativity and teach you technical and practical skills that are conducive to creating beautiful, functional spaces. Study what you love at one of the most renowned fashion technology institutes in India.

B.Sc Interior Design Curriculum

At MFT, we adopt effective teaching and learning methods in interior design and have designed the interior designing syllabus to be in line with the latest trends and inputs from Industry Experts. The core objective is to help students gain not just theoretical knowledge but also practical exposure and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow.

The interior designing curriculum is enriched with the study of the latest design techniques, and methodologies, combined with practical knowledge of various software and site visits to help students learn to visualize and understand contemporary design practices and methods.

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Part I – Tamil/Hindi/French I25 / 75 / 100
2Part II – English – Prose And Communication Skills25 / 75 / 100
3Theory of Design 25 / 75 / 100
4Materials and Construction – I (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100
5Graphics – I (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100
6Design Studio – I (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Part I – Tamil/Hindi/French II25 / 75 / 100
2Part II – English – Prose, Extensive Reading And Communication Skills25 / 75 / 100
3Elements of Interior spaces25 / 75 / 100
4Environmental Studies25 / 75 / 100
5Materials and Construction – II (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100
6Graphics – II (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100
7Design Studio – II (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Part II – Communication Skills25 / 75 / 100
2Interior Services – I25 / 75 / 100
3Computer Aided Graphics (Studio Practical)25 / 75 / 100
4Furniture Design (Studio Practical )25 / 75 / 100
5Design Studio – III (Studio Practical)
25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Part II – English IV Employability Skills25 / 75 / 100
2Value Education25 / 75 / 100
3Lighting and Colours in Interiors25 / 75 / 100
4Interior Services – II25 / 75 / 100
5Interior Construction & Detailing25 / 75 / 100
6Design Studio – IV25 / 75 / 100

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Professional Internship50 / 150 / 200

PaperSubjectInternal / External / Total Marks
1Interior Project Management50 / 150 / 200
(A) Interior Scape and Gardering Studio
(B) Art Design Studio
(C) Craft and Design Studio
25 / 75 / 100
3Thesis50 / 150 / 200

Interior Designing Course Details

MFT’s interior design course is developed to create opportunities for the student to develop their creativity and passion to become a skilled interior designer. This course integrates professional and general studies with an emphasis on international perspectives in Interior Design. Besides, the course also covers numerous practical courses, such as 3-D design, CAD, graphic design, and other display and design software. The course focuses largely on the practical aspects combined with extensive knowledge of market trends.

Course Duration

B. Sc Interior Designing course from MFT is a three – year meticulous program that has a perfect balance of theory and practical based subjects spread across the 6 semesters.

Course Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue B.Sc. Interior Design course at MFT is a pass in 10+2 or equivalent examination in any discipline conducted by the Government of TamilNadu / a pass in 10+3 year polytechnic diploma from a Government recognized institute.

Lateral Entry

A pass in SSLC + 3yrs Diploma in a related subject will be admitted directly in 2nd year of the B.Sc Interior Design program.

Getting admission for B.Sc Interior Design at MFT opens many career opportunities after you complete the course.

For more details on admission and course fees, click here.

* Bank loan can be availed

Interior Design Course FAQs

  • What do Interior Designers Do?

    Interior designer works to create spaces that are beautiful yet functional. They work across different sectors ranging from simple indoor home environments to lavish hotels and malls. They would decide the color schemes, lighting, and materials for the project. Most often interior designers are individual contractors. But some work for construction companies, manufacturing firms, or retailers. Designers often specialize in a particular area, such as home design, corporate work spaces, or hospitality. In simple words, interior design is all about creativity.

  • How can I become an interior designer?

    If you are interested in interior designing, pursue a degree in this specific field. A lot of courses in interior design can be found at many major colleges and universities, as well as specialized art and design institutes. Apart from this, you need to have a knack for creativity, effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, and management skills.

  • Where can I study interior designing?

    Decided you want to be an interior designer? If you're considering applying for an interior design course, research all your options first. There are Diploma courses, certificate courses, and a 3-year bachelor's program. Once you decide the course, choose the institute. Formal education from a reputed institution is becoming increasingly important in the interior design profession. Any Interior designing course should always be more about practical knowledge of the field.

    MFT's B.Sc Interior designing is one such course that offers extensive technical as well as practical knowledge to the students.

  • What are the prerequisites to study interior designing?

    Eligibility criteria are usually a qualifying examination and a good score in your school board exams. For UG courses - you should have passed 10+2 or any equivalent examination from a recognized board of education.

  • Is interior designing a good career?

    The increase in urbanization has led to the shrinking of the living spaces. Effective use of limited space has become a necessity. This scenario has transformed the interior design spectrum in India. Thus, interior design has become one of the most demanded professions in India. Interior design is an intriguing and interesting field, that allows you to combine your creative skills with a business mind. If you are a person who is creative and artistic, choose Interior Design as your career. You will reach great heights in your profession.