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M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion

Fashion design is a blend of art and science in designing clothing and lifestyle accessories. Fashion design has come a long way from designing clothes for the royals of the ancient times to designing haute couture clothing of the present. The global fashion sector is constantly evolving and expanding at a rapid rate. It is becoming one of the most competitive, glamorous, and creative sectors around the world, which makes it a popular career choice among youngsters.

Gone are the days when youngsters in India had to head out of the country if they wished to study fashion designing. With premier institutes like the Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT), fashion designing has become one of the most sought-after courses in India. If you have completed your UG in fashion design and would like to study further, you can opt for M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion from MFT. The M.Sc Costume design & Fashion is an exciting course focusing on the development of visual awareness, knowledge, and practical skills related to design.

Career in Costume Design & Fashion

“Fashion is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood, Designer

The outset of the international fashion market in India has resulted in booming fashion industry and a career as a fashion designer is considered a crock of gold. There are many exciting career options for those with great creativity and passion for fashion. The scope of fashion designing extends outside of India. One can get job opportunities in abroad based on their experience and creativity. If you are passionate about creating unique designs and have a keen eye for fashion, a career in Costume Design and Fashion is the ideal choice for you.

However, the fashion industry today is highly competitive. You need to have proper training and the right skill set to build a lucrative career in costume design and fashion. Whether you’re dreaming of becoming the next Manish Malhotra or see yourself building a career as a fashion journalist, M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion from MFT is your perfect next step. We can get you where you need to go in your career.

M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion Curriculum

The M.Sc Costume & Fashion curriculum comes with all the core designing modules like textile testing, fashion merchandising, international trade, apparel quality standard, and more. The curriculum also includes assignments, projects, and internships, through which students are given exposure to understand the concepts related to costumes, design materials, and more. The costume design & fashion syllabus is structured to give students full knowledge of the industry, from fashion history to the very latest in textile technology.

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1Costumes and Textiles of the World40 / 100
2Indian Textile Industry40 / 100
3Research Methodology and Statistics40 / 100
4Fashion Merchandising40 / 100
5International Trade and Documentation40 / 100
6Ornaments and Accessories (Practical)40 / 100
7Draping for Fashion Design (Practical)40 / 100

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1CAD in Fashion Design40 / 100
2Technical Textiles40 / 100
3Apparel Quality Standard and Implementation40 / 100
4Textile Testing40 / 100
5Textile Testing (Practical)40 / 100
6Designs with Prints (Practical)40 / 100
7Advanced Garment Construction (Practical)40 / 100

Costume Design & Fashion Course Details

The main objective of our course is to prepare students for their fast-paced and demanding fashion careers. The course focuses on cultivating fashion sense among the students and facilitate them to harness the technical knowledge and skills gained in this course to produce innovative designs. Our course follows new experimental approaches to costume design & fashion, strengthening students’ practice and developing their creative, technological, and commercial skills.

By the end of the course, students will become well-versed with various concepts of costume design and fashion technology. Students will also get creative career opportunities on completion of this course.

Course Duration

M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion is a postgraduate course that imparts professional knowledge and expertise in the field of garment design and manufacturing technology. The course duration is 2 years and divided into 4 semesters.

Course Eligibility

Students who have completed B.Sc Costume Design and Fashion / Textile and Clothing / Fashion Design / Textile and Fashion / Apparel Technology / Apparel and Fashion Design are eligible for admission at MFT’s M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion course.

Getting admission for M.Sc Costume Design & Fashion at MFT opens many career opportunities after you complete the course.

For more details on admission and course fees, click here.

Costume Design & Fashion Course FAQs

  • What is the scope of a Masters in Fashion Design?

    As Indians have become more aware of the latest fashion trends, the scope for fashion design jobs in India has increased proportionately. People in metros and tier 1 cities spend more on fashion than on food. Since the retail industry shows promising growth in the upcoming years, it is likely to increase the demand for fashion designers. Holding a master's degree in fashion gets you better job opportunities.

  • What are the employment areas for M.Sc. Costume Design and Fashion?

    There are different types of jobs available for costume designing and fashion designing. Some of the employment areas of M.Sc Costume Design and Fashion include the textile industry, garment industry, fashion houses, film industry, export houses, educational institutes, event management companies, and more. The types of jobs include fashion designer, stylist, retail manager, fabric buyer, graphic designer, fashion show organizer, and more. One can also become an entrepreneur by starting their own fashion brand.

  • Can I do a postgraduate course in fashion designing after BTech in engineering?

    Yes, you can pursue a postgraduate course in fashion designing after your B.Tech in engineering. However, since you have no background in design, you need to pass the entrance exam conducted by certain colleges and universities to enroll in a PG course in fashion designing.

  • Can we do a master's in fashion designing after doing BA or B com?

    No, you cannot pursue a master's degree in fashion after your BA or B.Com. No college accepts you for a master's in fashion unless you have completed a bachelor’s degree related to fashion design or at least one that is equally creative. Moreover, when you apply for a master's in fashion design, most of the colleges and universities request you submit an elaborate portfolio of your designs. Without a UG course in fashion design, you will not be able to submit the portfolio.