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Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design

The world of fashion is constantly evolving and highly competitive. Thus, it becomes a necessity for aspiring fashion designers to acquire technical knowledge as well as practical skills in the field of apparel and fashion design. In recent years, fashion designing has become one of the most sought-after courses after class 12. Understanding the need of both the fashion industry as well as aspiring fashion designers, we at Madras Institute of Fashion Technology (MFT) have designed a 1-year Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design course.

We have developed this course so that students can gain in-depth knowledge about various concepts related to the subject. Our Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Designing course lets the students discover their innate qualities related to Apparel & Fashion Design and take their passion for fashion to the next level. Our diploma course combines creativity with technical proficiency. Get on the fast track to becoming a world-class designer by enrolling in our Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design course.

Career in Apparel & Fashion Design

The increasing awareness of fashion trends among people has led to increasing demand for more fashion designers, not only in India but also abroad. If you are passionate about fashion and design, earning a diploma offers you a chance to build the required skillset and qualifications. Our Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design course prepares the students for the professional world and the highly competitive industry by equipping them with adequate knowledge and technical skills.

You can get practical job experience and skills related to design that will help you prepare for an exciting career. Moreover, you can get your Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design in as little as one year, which makes it the most affordable education option.

Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design helps you build the foundation and gain the basic knowledge of the fashion industry and fashion designing. Our Diploma in Apparel & fashion design is the best course for you to kick start your journey to become a Fashion Designer.

Apparel & Fashion Design Curriculum

This comprehensive diploma course provides students with an opportunity to learn, hone their skills, and understand the fundamentals of apparel designing. The apparel & fashion design curriculum includes subjects like fiber science, basic pattern making and grading, fundamentals of apparel design, and basic sketching to give a strong base in sketching and designing. The apparel & fashion design syllabus also includes project work, internships, industry exposure, building portfolio, etc to help students gain practical skills that they can then apply as soon as they get on the job.

PaperSubjectPassing Minimum Marks / Maximum Marks
1Business English40 / 100
2Fibre Science40 / 100
3Fundamentals of Apparel Design40 / 100
4Basic Pattern Making and Grading40 / 100
5Basic Sketching, Model Drawing and Object Drawing (Lab)40 / 100
6Fundamentals of Apparel Designing (Lab)40 / 100
7Life Coping Skills40 / 100

Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design Course Details

The main objective of our course is to develop student’s creativity and help them bring innovative designs to the fashion industry. The course starts with an understanding of basic language skills and the foundation of apparel design. We then proceed to develop critical job skills like teamwork and problem-solving to become a successful designer. The course provides a strong foundation in apparel design and technical knowledge while helping students develop their outlook on both the creative and business aspects of the flourishing fashion industry.

By the end of this course, you will get access to the various apparel and fashion design career options that the fashion world has to offer.

Course Duration

This is a 1-year diploma course that helps the students to become an independent thinker and a creator of his imagination. The course duration is 1 year and divided into 2 semesters.

Course Eligibility

Students who have completed 10+2 or Preparatory Programme for Higher Secondary (PPH) of Tamil Nadu Open University (TNOU) are eligible for admission at MFT’s Diploma in Apparel & Fashion design.

Getting admission for Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design at MFT opens many career opportunities after you complete the course.

For more details on admission and course fees, click here.

Apparel & Fashion Design Diploma Course FAQs

  • What is the difference between fashion design and apparel design?

    Fashion designing refers to designing clothing, accessories, footwear, and more. They sketch designs based on the trend and market predictions. They possess knowledge about fabric, material, color, and design. Whereas, apparel designing refers to creating cloth from scratch. They are considered as a more technical person. They are trained in fabric printing, embroidery, and design development. 

  • What can I do after a diploma in fashion designing?

    The course offers many new opportunities to those who wish to begin a career in the fashion industry. Here's a list of a few of the career options you can take up after completing Diploma in Apparel & Fashion Design

    Fashion Designer
    Apparel Designer
    Fabric Buyer
    Fashion Consultant
    Fashion Stylist
    Fashion Merchandiser
    Fashion Blogger
    Fashion Entrepreneur
    Pattern Maker, and more

  • Is doing a diploma in fashion design a good idea?

    With the increasing demand for fashionable clothes, the fashion industry is booming. In the same proportion, the demand for skilled and creative designers are also increasing. If you have a passion for fashion, want to learn the basics of fashion design, and aspire to become a successful fashion designer, this is a good course for you. It can help you showcase your talent in the fashion industry.

  • Degree or diploma – Which is good in fashion designing?

    If you consider pursuing a course in fashion after your high school, you have two options, diploma or degree in apparel and fashion design. When it comes to choosing between a diploma or degree course, often a degree in fashion designing is highly preferred as it contains better job prospects. However, if you have very little time and want to learn the basics of fashion design in a short period, a diploma is an ideal choice for you. No matter what course you choose, what matters the most is how you use your skills and creativity to design clothes. Be it a diploma or degree in fashion design, pursue it in a renowned institution that can take your career to the next level.

  • Can a diploma in fashion designing get you a job?

    As the fashion industry is highly competitive, a career in fashion design can be a bit difficult. However, completing an advanced diploma or degree in fashion design from a reputed institute can open new doors for you in the competitive field in almost any position. A diploma or degree doesn't matter in getting a job in the fashion industry. Your skill, creativity, the kind of projects you do, and your portfolio is what really matters to get you a job in the fashion industry.